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    Group Therapy

    Group therapy provides a unique benefit to clients that cannot be achieved in individual sessions. For this reason, group therapy is often paired with individual sessions to ensure more significant healing and higher rates of success in reaching new goals and attaining new skills. Clients within a group therapy setting receive support, acceptance, and validation from the other members and have the opportunity to learn from others’ experiences and insights. Groups are centered around specific issues such as addiction, grief, codependency, divorce care, and eating disorders. Groups typically comprise eight to ten members, are closed (once begun, new participants do not join), and terminate.


    Survivors of Sexual Trauma Group

    Over twelve weeks, group members will obtain clarity on the effects of trauma and learn strategies that will enable them to receive relief and healing.

    Members do not need to access, recount or remember traumatic memories because this group’s focus is to provide support and education. While sharing our experiences is therapeutic and welcomed, it is not mandatory for this group.

    The closed group meets in-person weekly for an hour and consists of four to ten women at least 18 years of age. (Closed groups: the group is not open to accepting new members once it has begun).

    Cost $40/session
    5:45 pm – 6:45 pm CST 

    February 2023

    Email to reserve your place – seating is limited!