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  • Experience Hope. Healing. Peace.

    If you have experienced pain or trauma, you may be feeling anxious, depressed, overwhelmed, paralyzed, grieved, triggered by trauma, or hopeless. The great news: healing is possible!

    You do not have to suffer anymore.

    We can help you heal from painful experiences, gain new skills, reach your goals, and enjoy the peace you have been longing for.

    While our specialty is helping teenagers and adults heal from emotional trauma, we also help those suffering from anxiety, addiction, depression, disordered eating, divorce, grief, and mood disorders. Let’s connect today!

    ‘Via’ and ‘Sano’ are Latin words, ‘Via’ = path + ‘Sano’ = healing
    the path to healing

    Heal. Transform. Thrive.

    Healing Can Begin Today

    In-Office and Telehealth options available!