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  • Session Formats

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    Individual Therapy

    There are various reasons people seek therapy: anxiety, depression, addiction, panic attacks, extreme stress, grief, relationship issues, job loss, divorce, trauma, suicidal thoughts, hopelessness, or a myriad of these. Regardless of the reasons, every client shares common factors; their symptoms, feelings, and emotions have become unmanageable. They are negatively affecting the quality of their life. When clients participate in individual therapy, they will gain hope and insight, receive unconditional support and understanding, learn new coping strategies, and attain new skills to transform and thrive. Reach out today – your transformation awaits you!



    A telehealth session is a virtual, individual session via video conferencing using your smartphone, laptop, or desktop. Telehealth is the perfect option if you’re concerned about social distancing, not feeling well enough to attend in person, and cannot take the needed time out of your schedule to commute to the office, out of town, or all the above! All sessions are HIPAA compliant, so you can be confident your session is confidential. If you prefer telehealth instead of in-person, you can request the option when you schedule your appointment online. Before your first telehealth session, your therapist will walk you through the easy, brief steps, and technical proficiency is not required.